Udemy Discounts: All Courses $10 until Tuesday

Sitewide-Feb4of4300x250Udemy offers huge course discounts again. Until Tuesday you can sign up for any course for just $10. This is a huge discount, given that the average Udemy R course is priced at ~$60, and prices vary from $20 to $200 (besides some free courses).

For a full overview of all Udemy R courses, go to the Udemy selection in R Course Finder, or go to Udemy directly to search through all their courses.

Courses with the steepest discount (regular price $200, now for $10):

If you’d sign up for these five courses now, you’d have lifetime access and save $900! Tens of thousands of students have enrolled in these courses already (Machine Learning A-Z has close to 30,000 students enrolled), and ratings are 4.5 / 5 or higher.

Disclaimer: If you sign up for a course using these links, R-exercises earns a commission. It does not impact what you pay for a course, and helps us to keep R-exercises free.

Did you take a Udemy R course already? Please tell us about your experiences, and add a comment below! What did you learn? How did it help you to advance your career or studies? Would you recommend it to others?